Swim When Menstruation

 Swim When Menstruation

Woman’s menstrual periods may become a barrier several activities daily. However, swimming and sports should not be a problem, because they swim very well for women during menstruation.

Some women think that the swim during the menstrual period is not the right choice. In fact, swimming is great exercise for women who are menstruating, because the water will lift the body and relieve the pressure on the back so it can relieve cramps.

Quoted from Livestrong, Friday (9/17/2010), here is some ways to be able to swim during menstruation:

1. How to use sanitary napkins
Place the pads right in the crotch bathing suits or underwear that will be used for swimming. Make sure you do not use pads that have wings (wing), because it will be visible from the outside bathing suit.

Pads that are used will not be destroyed because the water will put pressure up, so stay safe swimming during menstruation.

In addition, the pads will help hold the blood. By the time you’re in first days of the menstrual period is still a lot of blood that comes out, try to change the bandages as often as possible while swimming. This is because water will be absorbed by the bandage, thus making it unable to absorb more blood.

If still in doubt, you can try swimming at the time of the last days of the menstrual period, when the blood that came out not too much.

2. How to use a bathing suit
Wear a bathing suit with the normal. Adjust the size bathing suit with your body size, so that it can cover the entire groin area and dressing is not visible from outside the bathing suit.

Make sure the pads securely in a bathing suit, so it will not float out when you swim.

3. Places to swim
You can swim in the pool, lake or sea. You will still be able to move freely and swim normally using bandage in a suit.

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