Prevent Diabetes with Milk

drinking%20milk saidaonline Prevent Diabetes with Milk

Your doctor diagnosed diabetes? Recent research has suggested that we should consume dairy products with low fat content, such as smoothies made with low fat yogurt. But do not also forget to equip it with regular exercise.

This conclusion is derived from the 10-year study of 3,000 respondents. They were then divided into 2 groups. First is the group who consumed various types of dairy products and the second group did not consume dairy at all. As a result, the first group has insulin resistance 70 percent lower.

What is insulin resistance? Insulin resistance is a condition in which decreased insulin sensitivity and makes our blood sugar levels are not balanced or excess blood sugar. General obesity or obesity, marked by increasing insulin resistance.

“All content in milk, such as lactose, protein, and fat has the potential to increase the sugar content,” said Mark A. Pereira, PhD, one of the researchers from Harvard Medical School. But the milk sugar (lactose) is converted into blood sugar is processed more slowly, so it is good to control blood sugar levels and lower insulin levels.

Protein in milk helps keep our immune. While the fat content will make us also feel satisfied. Enjoy also the other nutrients from dairy products are also useful, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Let’s fight diabetes by:

  1. Consume 2 servings of low-fat milk every day. Each portion will be cut resistance insulin excess up to 20%.
  2. Do exchange. Choose dairy products, snacks instead of high carbohydrate and low in fiber, such as soft drinks, candy, or fast food.
  3. Accompany the milk with fruit, vegetables and whole grains. We can add fresh fruit pieces in yogurt for breakfast. Or low-fat cheese melted on whole wheat bread.

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