Heavy Sport Not Good in the Period of Growth

f1508 body weight training post Heavy Sport Not Good in the Period of Growth
Basically there is no age limit on how much a person can start exercising. However, in order to achieve optimal height, should avoid strenuous exercise muscle building exercises especially when entering the growth period.

David Cameron-Smith, Associate Professor of Deakin University in Australia suggested that such strenuous exercise was done after entering the age of 15-17 years. At the age of below it, he suggested the sport is more beneficial for fitness.

“Indeed there is no evidence that exercise the muscles in the growth period causes a person to be stunted. But there are risks to it, so that should be avoided because there are many types of sports that are better suited,” he said in a press conference ‘1 st Indonesian International Nutrigenomics Conference ‘at the restaurant Flowers Goela ,

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