Health Care law coverage confuses families for young adults

Health Care law coverage confuses families for young adultsA new rule for middle-class and middle-age voters has suggested that young adults without health insurance will soon be able to remain on health care plan of their parents until they cross the age of 26 years.

It was, however, noted by the Obama administration that this provision is expected to help millions. The benefits, though, is proving less immediate than many families expected.


According to the law, health plans don’t have to comply until their first renewal date after Sept. 23. For some plans, that’s as soon as October. For many, it’s January. For others, the compliance date won’t be until May.

That means many college seniors whose parents’ health plans allowed them to stay on until they graduated this spring may face a gap in coverage until the new requirement kicks in.

Soon after the law was passed, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius called on insurers to close the gap by complying with the law early in such cases. More than 60 major insurance companies and several large employers agreed to do so.

But just because an insurer offers to keep new graduates on the plan doesn’t mean the employer subscribing to the plan will take the insurer up on the option.

Experts are of the view that parents as employers and insurance companies will continue getting more rude awakenings in times to come once the need to offset the added costs of covering these workers’ children longer into adulthood will arise.

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