Protein Diet Tips

high protein diet Protein Diet Tips

Protein Diet is dietary protein consumption by setting adjusted to the ability of the kidneys filter out the rest of protein metabolism, so the rest does not accumulate in the blood, because the past may be toxic.

Low-protein diet difference with ordinary food diet is to consume less protein than normal demand, preferably using a protein derived from animals such as: milk, meat, fish and so forth. Restrict salt intake when there is edema and high blood pressure. Fluid intake is adjusted by the amount of urine a day, plus 500 ml (is the water that comes out through sweat and respiration). Protein calories should be enough to make it not broken in at least 35 calories per kilogram of body weight per day.

How to organize Low-protein diet:

  1. Food portions small but solid in calories and provide frequent example is given six times daily.
  2. Foods high in calories, low in protein such as syrup, honey, candy, either as an addition to calories, but it should not be given near the time of eating, because it can reduce appetite.
  3. Choose food sources of animal protein in the amount determined.
  4. If there is edema (swelling in the legs or other body part) and / or high blood pressure, need to reduce salt and foods that were given sodium in the treatment.
  5. When the amount of urine per day was reduced from normal, it is necessary in limiting drinking.
  6. Serve foods that attract the best and so appetizing meal.

With protein diet tips I gave you is expected to set a diet of protein and good for your health. Health is the most important thing, because the healthier you can be more productive.

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